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Healthcare is evolving and Concierge Health Center is a leader in offering patients and physicians a choice. A choice that is patient-centered, versus dictated by insurance companies and the government.


In the current healthcare model, physicians basically work for insurance companies which is costly and their values don't align. Add to that the goverment's Affordable Care Act of 2014, while well-intended, will add another administrative layer to ensure certain employers and individuals subscribe to health insurance.


Concierge Health Center offers an entrepreneurial model that cuts out those administrative layers. Physicians work directly for their patients and are able to cut out the 40% of their overhead they currently spend dealing with insurance companies. Alleviating that cost allows them to see just 8-10 patients per day vs. the typical 20-30 patients a day for the same salary. As a result, doctors are able to spend 45 minutes to an hour with each patient vs. the current appointment average of nine minutes.


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Member Benefits

  • 24/7 physician access by cell phone, email, & text
  • Same or next day appointments
  • On-time appointments


  • Functional Medicine
  • Focus on wellness & optimal aging
  • Conventional & alternative approach
  • Communication & coordination of care with specialists
  • Patient advocate during hospitalization
  • Health seminars & education
  • Weight loss