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What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge mediicine is a model of care where the physician and patient have a direct financial relationship.
This type of practice has also been called boutique, retainer, and personalized medicine. This model allow the physician to take care of fewer patients, allowing more time to fully meet their needs.

The first practice of this type was started in 1996 and now there are thousands of physicians around the country using this model of care. American Academy of Private Physicians (formally SIMPD), founded in 2003, is a non-profit organization made up of physicians who are breaking free of the traditional model of healthcare in order to provide more accessible and personalized care.

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Why don't you accept payment from insurance companies?

This level of care can't be offered within the constraints of health insurance. The average family physician in an insurance driven practice cares for 3000-5000 patients, sees 25-30 patients per day, and averages 7 minutes face to face time per visit.


Do you draw blood in the office?

We currently do all our office blood draws in office unless specialized testing is required.  Standard yearly routin blood draws are included in your all-inclusive membership and specialized testing will be billed to your insurance.


Do I still need insurance if I join your practice?

This practice is not a substitute for a health insurance. Everybody should have at least catastrophic (high deductible) health insurance. Insurance can be used to cover services not offered in the office including labs, xrays, medications, emergency room and hospital care, and visits to a specialist. Although we recommend that patients carry health insurance, we do care for many patients without insurance and try to find low cost options for ancillary services such as lab and xrays.

What payment options do you have?

Annual membership fees are paid at the beginning of the membership period. Payment arrangements are available. We except cash, credit card (Amex/Visa/MC/Discover), or check.

Is your fee reimbursable through my insurance company?

A portion of the annual fee may be reimbursable under PPO insurance (this does not apply to Medicare patients). Check with your insurance company on coverage for non-network provider office visits. Although we do not bill your insurance directly, claim forms can be provided to submit to your insurance company. Concierge works well with a High Deductible Health Plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA).

Can I pay your fee from a tax-deferred account such as an HSA?

This service should be an allowable expense under a Health Savings Account. Always consult an accountant when making that determination


What type of insurance will work with concierge medicine?

Any PPO type health plan or Medicare is compatible with concierge since PPO's and Medicare do not require that you see a network physician. The most complementary insurance would be a PPO High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with a tax-deferred savings account such as an HSA or Flexible Savings Plan.

What if I have an HMO?

Patients with HMO's can't be members of the practice due to restrictions of the HMO plan. Only your assigned, network primary care physician can order tests and referrals, many of which need pre-authorization.

What if I have Medicare?

Patients with Medicare may join the practice and receive all of the same services provided to non-Medicare patients. Dr. Robinson has decided to opt-out of Medicare. This means that she does not bill Medicare for any of her services. Medicare will still cover any medications, labs, tests, or specialty referrals as long as they are covered by Medicare.

What if I am hospitalized?

Dr. Robinson does not directly admit patients to the hospital. With a small practice, it is difficult to maintain hospital privileges due to the infrequency of hospital admissions. Dr. Robinson will coordinate your inpatient care with a "hospitalist" (physician who only does inpatient care) and will visit you in the hospital and act as your advocate, working with the hospitalist, specialists, and surgeons to coordinate your care.

Who will take care of me when you are on vacation?

In the event that Dr. Robinson is on vacation, she will have a covering concierge physician for your urgent needs. Unless she is out of the country, she will be available by cell phone, email, and text. Prior to her absence, members will be notified whether she will be available by phone and who will be the covering physician.

What ages do you see?

Dr. Robinson cares for patients of all ages. With a small practice, we are not able to provide the immunizations that are required from birth through kindergarten. Pediatric members of the practice can have immunizations done at the Health Department.

When would you see me at my home or office?

The decision to see you in your home or office will be decided on a case-by-case basis. It could be deemed necessary based on illness or convenience. New patient visits and annual physicals will always be in the office.

Is your fee refundable if I leave your practice?

Yes, we do require a one year contract and then a month to month basis.  All billing is done monthly so a 30 day notice is required to cancel your contract.

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Member Benefits

  • 24/7 physician access by cell phone, email, & text
  • Same or next day appointments
  • On-time appointments


  • Functional Medicine
  • Focus on wellness & optimal aging
  • Conventional & alternative approach
  • Communication & coordination of care with specialists
  • Patient advocate during hospitalization
  • Health seminars & education
  • Weight loss