Membership Fees

Concierge Health Center membership is similar to that of a health club. There is a monthly fee and an initial annual commitment. After the first year, membership commitment is monthly. Members have unlimited access to everything offered at the center within the contract guidelines.


Our fees are simple. We will not bog you down with co-pays, minimums and maximums. It's less paperwork for us all and at the end of the day, allows our practitioners to spend their time where they should - with their patients.


Concierge Health Center Member Monthly Rates (based on a 12 month initial agreement):


      No copays. No minimums. Mo Maximums.

      All membership levels include unlimited monthly use...


Our preventative approach makes a difference in your overall well-being. SignatureMD reports that concierge care patients experience 65% fewer hospitalizations than those in the standard health system. While we will greatly reduce your risk of needing hospitalization, we do encourage our members to also subscribe to "catastrophic" heatlh coverage through a third party insurance company to cover emergent care.



Contact Us


     Concierge Health Center
     4704 Shrewsbury Ave.

     St Louis, MO 63119

Phone: (314) 802-7117



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Member Benefits

  • 24/7 physician access by cell phone, email, & text
  • Same or next day appointments
  • On-time appointments


  • Functional Medicine
  • Focus on wellness & optimal aging
  • Conventional & alternative approach
  • Communication & coordination of care with specialists
  • Patient advocate during hospitalization
  • Health seminars & education
  • Weight loss