Our full body hydromassage talbe uses seven unique, patented, stainless steel hydrotherapy jets to produce a penetrating massage that works depper and deeper into the soft issues the longer you stay on the table. The randomness of the independently rotating jets enhances the massage and helps the body relax more deeply.


An electronic timer controls the session length and a massage zone selector allows you control which part of your body gets massaged. The options are back, legs, alternate every 15, 30 or 60 seconds and a full body continuous option.


The jets massage the entire body from head to toe. You can control the pressure of the back jets independently of the leg jets. You can lay on your back, side or face down. Massage whatever needs relief!




Why are we the BEST Full Body Hydrommasage Bed Around?


  • The warmth you feel when laying on the water filled mattress is more soothing and relaxing ans is much more beneficial to your body than laying on air. Water contains 24 times more heat than air making our talbe's heat therapy superior to other systems.


  • Our tables are much quieter than the competition because water spraying through water produces much less noice than water through air systems. This makes it much easier to enjoy your Hydromassage treatment.


  • We can massage the whole body or just 50% of teh body at at time, depending on your preference. This is good for you as you receive much more therapy during each session than those other systems.


  • Our intuitive controls require no patient training. Just lay on the table set your type of massage and enjoy your session.

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